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NewsFlash Assignment Information

Current Event Connections-

These will be done in class. At the end of each unit, students will be completing an in class written essay. They will be writting on a current event that connects to the area of study we just finished. This will be done on google docs and then copy and paste into Utah compose.


1. Choose a news event and identify where you found it.

2. Explain what the current event is about (summarize the article). (10 pts)

3. Identify why and how the event connects with the unit. (10 pts)

4. Explain your opinion of the article and why this is important information for citizen to be aware of. (10 pts)

30 pts total possible

As the semester progresses, we will also add the Utah Compose Score to the grade.

16 is passing-students need to strive for a 25 by the end of the year

-Check your spelling, punctuation.

-If you want, discuss with your family the articles ahead of time.

-Be prepared to discuss your article and your opinions in class.

-Points will be deducted for late and incomplete work.