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Students will be required to bring a notebook, and a pen or a pencil with them to class everyday. Don't forget a folder to keep your worksheets and handouts in.

Parents- please ask your student about what we did in class. They should be able to tell you about assignments and what was discussed each day.

Use this site wisely! I will keep it as current as possible so if you are absent you can see what we did in class. Email me if you have any questions (karenso@provo.edu)

Sept. 16 - 20

Online textbook. Enter through your student email account. Found in the apps listed as the list under more.

Checkout Google Classroom

Monday-B Day 13 Colonies PowerPoint packet notes

Tuesday -A Day Constitutation Day- Daily Life Worksheet from textbook

Wednesday - B Day - Same as A day

Thursday - A Day Early Out 1:oo PM Parent/Teacher
Conferences 2-8 PM

con't Daily Life worksheet and Journal entry

Friday B Day-


Last updated on Sept 16, 2019

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