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All About Me

This is the start of my 35th year of teaching. I started in 1983 at Farrer Middle School as the In-school Suspension Coordinator. I moved to Centennial the year it opened in 1996.

I have taught a variety of subjects: Clothing, Foods, Careers, Health, Utah Studies, Student Government, and of course U.S. History. I have loved teaching U.S. History for the past 33 years. If you have older siblings and have lived in Provo for a long time, the chances are pretty high that I taught them too. I have even taught some of the parents of my students.

I have been married for 35 years and have three children. My oldest graduated from BYUI and is teaching here at Centennial, child #2 also graduated from BYUI and is working here in Provo and child #3 is a former member of the Utah National Guard, works for Utah Valley Regional Medical Center/Sundance and is hoping to be a paramedic.

I have a masters degree in Curriculum and Technology, I love to read, sew and cook. Not necessarily in that order.

My Family Photo


Arlington National Cemetery

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Georgia Freeway

Ft. Jackson South Carolina

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Last updated on August 2018

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